Mischief Makers with Emma Doran

Mischief Makers with Emma Doran


I’m Irish comedian Emma Doran and you are listening to Mischief Makers podcast, brought to you by everymum and Petits Filous, whose mission is to champion kid’s development from the inside out.

On this 4-part podcast series I talk to some amazing guests all about the mischief they got up to as kids, as well as with their own kids, to prove once and for all that mischievous minds go further!

Sometimes mischief gets a bad rap. What can be frowned upon is totally normal curiosity and an essential part of becoming a strong and spirited kid. We want to turn the perception of mischief on its head. Leaning into Petits Filous’ Little Rascal Heritage we are reframing mischief as a force for good. Championing and celebrating mischief and mischief makers, to show that not only is mischief healthy but a sign of great things to come.

This podcast is brought to you thanks to Petits Filous – the only daily dose of goodness that nourishes kid’s strength and encourages their spirit.

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