Stars, Stones, and Stories

Stars, Stones, and Stories

Ra Ma

If you’re into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality, and ancestral healing. . .welcome. You have come home.

Stories are written all around us. They are in the stars, the stones, the ancestors that live in our bones. The earth holds the stories that connect us to our deepest eternal traditions, and to ourselves. The art and artifacts left behind over time and space are the gifts of wisdom that inform who we are, and what we may become.

Story is medicine. Story helps us understand who we are. Stories are a map of the psyche. Story medicine may be found in the maps of the stars, in the earth's buried treasure, in the names and meaning we bestow on place and experience.

Our stories are our gift to the world.

Community is a balm for these profound times of transformation, a space where we may celebrate the genius of fellowship. Together we are Weaving Ancient Future wisdom as we birth the New Earth.

This is your opportunity to claim your community, claim your story, claim your unique identity and power, knowing that you are the hero of your own journey.

Crystalize your medicine.

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